Donny and Casi Houseman are the kind some may call black sheep, but others just call cool. With a mutual appreciation for all things unique, they knew right away when they met that they had found a soul mate in each other. After years of visiting the area, falling in love and marrying, Donny and Casi decided to make south Austin their home.

With a life-long dream of opening a local home goods store and hang-out destination for friends, families and fun, the two went looking for the perfect spot. When Donny found the space, he immediately fell in love with the history of the building and the area that surrounds. 

With a love for funky and eclectic items, they wanted to make that consistent in their home and at their new store. And so the Black Sheep Ranch was born. 

When they aren’t at the Black Sheep Ranch, Donny and Casi can be found looking for eclectic vintage finds, hanging out at one of Austin’s outdoor patios or listening to Willie with the windows down as they explore the Texas Hill Country.